Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Treasure & Generous Bec…





It’s that time again……”Tuesday Treasure” - hosted by Clare, so pop over and see who else is playing the game…my treasure today is my signet ring…I think I was about 10 or maybe a little younger when I received this ring…I am sure it was for one of my birthdays….it has my initials engraved…P.A.R…..….just check out the shape of the ring….LOL…..


Another very generous blogger…..Bec (alias Kiddo)…sent this lovely kit to be used as a prize for OPAM……I think we may use this, as one of the July prizes……Bec thank you so very much you are just gorgeous…I am sure whoever receives this will be thrilled……….(hug, hug Kiddo.)…

take care Peg……:>)


  1. Hi Peg,
    wow...I've still got my signet ring my mum gave me when I was 10...mine is like yours well worn, bent a little and my band snapped (it's very, very thin)...I think I'll have to pop it up as a TT too!
    thanks for sharing

  2. What a lovely treasure. I so wanted a signet ring and a solid round bangle when I was little, but they never eventuated. Yours is a lovely design, and appears to have been well loved and used.

    Isn't Bec lovely to provide the prize this time.

  3. Such a pretty ring and so nice to have it from when you were a littlie - how did it get so bent?? Hugz...

  4. Your ring is gawjus Peg ... I still have mine too from when I was 12, although the little bluebird that was on it has long since flown away!! My youngest wears the ring now :o).
    What a sweety Bec is!!! I just love that pattern!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. Peg that is so sweet ! My signet ring ended shaped like that and then wore through completely .
    Thanks for playing.

  6. Love your little signet ring Peg. We are on the same wave length today.. Jewellery (especially engraved pieces) from way back when ha ha. Love the shape yours managed to get itself in xx

  7. Peg, your little ring looks like it has saved your finger from a tragic event! It's so sweet and I love Bec's pattern.

  8. Your signet ring looks very treasured, a beautiful keepsake.
    It was my pleasure to send you something to use as a prize for OPAM; have been wanting to help for a while now.

  9. Your ring is beautiful Peg, and you've given me an idea for my TT. I hope I remember to take a pic of it. Any jeweler should be able to get it back in the round - does it fit your pinkie? Or you could wear it on a chain around your neck.

    Lovely prize for OPAM!

  10. ha ha i've got one just like it too!
    reading over the comments, it's a fairly common occurrence ha ha!
    mine was my mum's, might have to TT it too!

  11. What a gorgeous treasure it must have been for a ten year old, and even now. Looks like it has been well worn and loved.

  12. A beautiful ring that was obviously well loved with so much wear to bend its shape .Thanks for sharing .

  13. The shape is very special.
    Do you remember how it happened?

  14. This ring is so cute and I guess a lot memories...

  15. So sweet! I have a signet ring, I must have it as one of my treasures soon! Do you remember how it was bent? What does the A stand for?
    Great quilt kit, someone will love it!

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