Monday, January 28, 2019



Please email to me Narelle  with your snail mail address and I will sent the quilt to you.....
Once again.....
a massive thanks to all our OPAMERS OVER THE YEARS...
it really has been a most amazing and a truly rewarding ride....

and to the most amazing, awesome co-host that
any one could ask for....

Sunday, January 27, 2019

time to say goodbye

I have decided
2018 was my last year doing OPAM….
I have been a super slack blogger…
and lots of things have changed in my world….
the totally amazing KRIS has decided she will continue with doing 2019 as a solo artist….
so please stay tuned to her blog….
as promised last year I have finally completed the final 2018 prize….
a quilt made by Me….
please stay tuned I will do a post announcing the winner

Massive thanks for all your friendship over the years…..
and to the totally amazing Kris …what a precious friend
love you long

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