Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Treasure and B.G.

IMG_4450 IMG_4449

Tuesday Treasures….this is a true lost treasure…We have this cupboard were we keep all our recipe books, you know those ones you never clean out…. ….and  last year  I decided I needed to clean it out…and tucked down on one of the sides was this little folded up item and when I opened it, this is what I found….Made by my eldest son, age 4, what we think has happened was Luke make this at pre-school, bought it home and he and his Dad decided to hide it until Christmas time to give it to me….but….they both forgot about it and it did not surface until last year…..so this was my lost treasure…pop over and visit Clare to see what other treasures are being shown today.




Another completed B.G. block…

have a fab day and take care Peg…:>)

Fabricologist Resource Centre"...now does that sound more impressive than "fabric stash" ?


  1. Love the discovered treasures! I have one of those too....really special!Love the new term for fabric addict!

  2. Wow, what a find. I love that it is on fabric rather than paper, so will continue to keep well. BG is coming along nicely.

  3. How special to find such a treasure ,so sweet .

  4. Oh Peg what a lovely story and how exciting to find it after all this time ! Thanks so much for playing along .

  5. Oh Peg what a lovely story and how exciting to find it after all this time ! Thanks so much for playing along .

  6. Such a precious treasure Peg - I have one of those too. Your BG block is lovely - such pretty colours.

  7. LOve to be rewarded for cleaning, doesn't happen very often, lucky Mum.
    Your blocks are looking lovely

  8. What a lovely thing to find.... so cute to have that. I especially love hand/foot prints because you can see how much they have grown against it..... I will keep on saying how much I love that sewing design - you will get bored with me about it - but it is lovely!! Hugz

  9. How exciting to have found a treasure like that after all those years.
    Your block is beautiful too.

  10. That is wonderful to find it after all this time.
    (your block looks gorgeous!)

  11. I have the same thing from when I was 4 too! Mine was on paper though and my mom framed it...Dad didn't have a chance to hide it first. :-)

  12. What an awesome find. I should make that with my grandson's hand for his mommy and daddy's Christmas present.

    Your Butterfly Garden quilt is coming along great.

  13. What a wonderful treasure!!! Seriously awesome!!! It's like a little treasure map, kind of, that you "dug" up!! lol
    Gorgeous block too!


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