Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Winners and Tuesday Treasures…




These are my Tuesday Treasures…..what can you say ‘boys will be boys’……..

My twins made these works or art wayback when they were in year 7..…..not sure if these were the items that should have been made on that day in pottery class, I think this may have been when you ‘had to do art"’….LOL…… but this is what the boys made…..when they bought them home  I just shook my head……. but they are my treasures…..

Pop over to Clare’s and see what other treasures are being shown today…

A great big thank you to everyone  who sent all those wonderful comments re my 1,000th post…..the amount of comments touched my heart……mwah to you all..…..I have two items to giveaway….and the winners are…..


Mrs Quilty…

Congratulations…..please could both ladies send me an email with there addresses…..

take care Peg…….:>) and have a fab day…


  1. Haha, I love the clay treasures, wonder what the thing with all the holes is...salt shaker maybe?? lol

  2. Lovely treasures. They did a good job.
    great weekend finishes too. I love the ruler holder, the buttons are adorable.

  3. I love to keep Sophie's makes, even if it is a photograph. One reason why I started a blog too. her first softie will be a long held memeory. You have lots with these lovely creations.
    Sorry I did not email my total July makes but I was on holiday and forgot, opps.

  4. I have treasures made by children dotted around my house too - things that bring back memories and the kids roll their eyes and say, Mum why have you still got this!!

  5. Great treasures but now I need to know what the cylinder with holes is. A thimble, wine cork? Please tell us.

  6. Don't you just love it!! Got to love those treasures!! ;o)

  7. Your boys are both clever and creative. Now I wonder where they got that from? LOL Like the other ladies, I was also wondering what the fourth item is. Lovely things to keep.

  8. Lovely treasures to keep and very well done. Lol, Raewyn, my adult kids do this!

  9. You're right Peg , boys will be boys but they are still great treasures , the boys and their art !

  10. Peg those are great - I think you should find a special wall and hang them as art! Lovely treasures.
    Congrats to the winners!

  11. Great treasures...just what you would expect boys to make..
    Julia ♥

  12. that looks like Mr potato head, very talented boys

  13. Oh Peg... your post really made me smile. I have "treasures" my boys have made too and I just love them. Yours are gorgeous... Yes, I too, really want to know what that little cheese grater or huge thimble is....

  14. Jihaaaaaa - I won :O) :O)
    Thank you sooooo much !

    And I agree with the others, your treasures are real treasures! O got a "troll" from my son, and what great feelings it gives when your children thinks of you ;O)

  15. Creative boys. I like what they made for you.

  16. our children's creations are treasures. Your children made some great stuff.


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