Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Treasure and more on Nundle





 Tuesday Treasure……it is still in three pieces, but one day it will be re-assembled……this singer belonged to my DH’s grandmother…. it was living in a garden shed at his parents home…it had nails hammered into the top and it was in very bad shape……We were not sure if we could restore it at all, even Mr. W thought it was only good for the tip……but Mr. W. took it home and with lots of elbow grease and tender loving care he was able to bring it all back to life for me…..so this is another of our family treasures……..Clare will have a list on her blog of other treasures…..so pop over and have a look…


This is a bit of a look at what I was working on at Nundle…..

IMG_4465 More Nundle shots…here we have Dale and our very special friend Norm who now lives with her daughter in Sydney..and that’s me at the back…..it was so nice to catch up with Norm again…..


the three wild ones in the back are Deb from Sydney (Norms daughter, in the middle) and Leanne (right) and Nicole (left) also from Gunnedah….Kath at the front and Norm at the back are enjoying Kerry’s lovely lunch.

Back to work today…….oh dear, is all I can say…..

have a fab day…take care Peg….:>)



  1. oh i know what quilt you made.........love it.....

  2. WOW - that sewing machine is GORGEOUS - oh you simply must get it working, that's a treasure for sure!
    Love your project, can't wait to see what it is!

  3. Your treasure looks good, even in parts. Looks like you had a lot of fun at Nundle.

  4. the old singers are just beautiful. I love the craftsmanship in the drawers. Even practical things can be beautiful.

  5. Glad you were able to Rescue the Old Singer..they still look Beautiful..oohh I Love the fabrics & Circles..looking forward to seeing it all together...Glad you had a Good Time..

  6. Gorgeous sewing machine - I learnt to sew on something similar when I was young - Love the way they used to make practical things so decorative.

    Thanks for sharing

    Circles are my favourite - your sewing looks beautiful.

  7. What a gorgeous treasure Peg ! Nundle looks fun too , now back to work , lol ! Thanks for playing .

  8. What a lovely time you girls had - looks like beautiful weather too. Looking forward to seeing your quilt top.

  9. The sewing machine is a real treasure. Glad you have it!!!

  10. Just love old machines, you will have yo get it put together and on display as it looks beautiful.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time at Nundle...wide ooen spaces and lovely fabrics to sew with

  11. I have an old treadle, they are well worth saving, I'm so glad you were able to get it, and once all together she will be even more beautiful..
    Julia ♥

  12. The sewing machine is gorgeous, certainly a reral treasure.

  13. Great pics again Peg. Love your Tuesday Treasures.

  14. Your quilt colours are lovely - looking forward to seeing the finish.... I love Singers - one of the things I am very sad not too have kept when we immigrated.... looks like great fun at Nundle.... Hugz

  15. Oh wow!! Imagine having it in a shed in such terrible condition! It looks like it's been kept fabulously all it's life, your husband has done the most wonderful job on it!!!
    I love the case under the singer sewing machine!


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