Thursday, December 15, 2011

A win for me

Look what has arrived at my place…..I won this wonderful pattern over at Bubz’s blog….how darn cute is it…and look what else came with the pattern this lovely handmade card with this gorgeous wool ornie…
Oh Bubzie thank you so very much….(another of those very special bloggers…..)

and this is the last of my swap gifts heading off…this is my FIS gifts for….?????????????
happy Thursday……
Take care Peg….
At Christmas, all roads lead home.


  1. How very cute, what a lovely ornament....,
    I am sure the receiver of your gift will be thrilled

  2. Looks like Christmas lasts all month long at your place. Enjoy your prize.

  3. Cute pattern and gorgeous ornament!

  4. Hey Sweet Peg! A win couldn't happen to a nicer person! :0) Aren't Toni's patterns CUTE!!! I love the doggies on your pattern ... and the musical card is lovely too. Hope you're getting a chance to put your feet up during this busy time cos no one deserves a rest and being poilt more than you! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  5. Congrats Peg on your lovely win and how cute is Fiona ornament and card,well done

  6. I saw you won that on Fiona's blog, congratulations! Love the little card and ornie too!

  7. Lucky you Peg. I am looking forward to seeing what fabrics you will use for this pattern???

  8. You are a lucky gal Peg, but you sooooo deserve it! Hope the Christmas preps are going smoothly!
    sugary sweet hugs
    Wendy :O) xoxoxo

  9. Congratulations on your win Peg,Christmas seems to be going all month for you for December,lovely pile of pressies :) Barb.

  10. That is a cute pattern, you will have fun making that!


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