Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Very special people…

I can remember the very first comment I had on our Club Quilt blog…(it was a few years ago now)…and it was this person called Chookyblue

(I thought to myself ..who would be called that, it could only be some whacko for sure….LOL….)…

but it wasn’t ….that whacko is now one of my bestest buds…..never thinking that this blogging could bring so many precious people into my little world……………..well it has….Yesterday I received this parcel…..with a gorgeous card and with some lovely words…….this was from another precious blogging bud….who I get to meet in March at GDITC….and I cant wait…

These wonderful goodies were sent to me by Maree…..you are just so very thoughtful Maree, you are one very amazing friend…thanks for finding me in blog land…xx




Happy Tuesday

Take Care Peg….

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.


  1. LOL...........yep your suspicions confirmed I am "whacko".....lol....imagine life without me and blogging if I hadn't left that comment........oh how quiet it would be........so glad I did leave that comment and we sure have become great friends all due to blogging.......have a fabulous day my friend......

    there will be a few newbies at GDITC for us to meet too......

  2. Peg, how wonderful it is to find such lovely friends through blogging and stitching. I have met some wonderful people myself - some of them with some VERY strange names, lol! But it's not the names that count!

  3. My blogging buds have kept me sane and brightened up all my days - isn't it amazing how someone you've never met can become so precious to you! Thank goodness for blogging.

    Lovely, lovely gifts from Maree - what a sweetie!

  4. As with Kathy, I've made some lovely friends too. I've met some some of them, including Kathy. A lot of my 'friends' I'll probably never meet in person but they'll always be friends to me. Had a little chuckle with your story about Chookyblue!

  5. Ditto, ditto.... chookyblue helped me lots too when I started.... she probably gave my first comment! I love my blog friends....

  6. and you are a dear friend to many Peg...it will be great to see Maree at GDITC...I was lucky enough to meet her in Sydney! sweet gifts!

  7. i agree with Alison you are a wonderful sweet caring person Peg and i feel very previliged to have you as a friend in my blogging world,oh and wonderful gifts from Maree,love seeing you get spoilt you deserve it my friend.

  8. What a lovely gift Peg! Im so glad I can call you my blogging friend. xoxo

  9. I too have met some wonderful friends in Blogland, they are very special.

  10. ThankYou for your Kind Words on your Blog...I believe in Karma.
    Blogland has been Wonderful for Me Too.


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