Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Items Christmas Swap..


This wonderful swap was organized by Maree…….xx



Look at this lovely pile of goodies…..I received these yesterday from Auntie Al (I was so excited..LOL)…


Something Smellies…love nice soap and check out these washers,and yes I have used they are just so soft….



Something to eat…yummo


Something to read…..only 24 pages of my other book to read and I can start this one, can’t wait…



Gorgeous Chrissie fabric…I already have a project in mind…


How cute are these little fellows……love them…


My little pile of loot….Auntie Al, thank you so much all goodies are just perfect…

and I still have one under the tree…..big mwah coming your way Auntie Al…..

Happy Wednesday

Take Care Peg…..

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.


  1. How lovely, Peg. I rather like the guidance of the swap - eg something to read, eat, smell, etc. An idea for next year perhaps???

  2. oh Peg what wonderful gifts and wrapped so pretty.

  3. Lots of sweet gifties! The book looks good... Enjoy!

  4. Oh what a beautiful pile of pressies!!

  5. Just gorgeous Peg. I do love the swaps Maree comes up with :)


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