Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Treasure






Tuesday Treasure……I was one of those mums who was always on some sort of committee or fundraising group…back in 1987 I was on the Pre-School Committee….we decided at the beginning of the year we would put in a new kitchen at the Pre-School…it was a big year of fundraising and we did raise enough money for the kitchen plus more…..the Pre-School teacher at the time made the 7 of us on the fundraising committee one of these wall hangings…. …and the little verse is

To the mums of this here 7, who have worked so hard to month 11

Don’t stop now there’s more to come, apricot, nectarine, peach and plums

The kitchen sure will be a treat, to raise the money no mean feat

With grateful thanks for all you’ve done, from kids and staff and everyone

This has been hanging in my kitchen now for 23 years – my son owns the lovely yellow hand print he was a big boy….age 4 ….

Pop over to Clare’s …there will be so much more on display…

Take care Peg…:>)

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.


  1. Very cute - I love all the different coloured hands - a great way to thank hard working mums....

  2. Love the hand prints..I made three Hand quilts to help raise money for my childrens kindergartens..They did really well..
    Cheers Michelle

  3. That is gorgeous. I know how much work is done by kinder & school committees so it is wonderful that you have been given this memento to look back on.

  4. Peg it's wonderful ! Thanks for showing us and playing along .

  5. That's lovely Peg! I'm not surprised that you were active in the school, you are such a go-getter - what a great treasure!

  6. Hi Peg, your Tuesday Treasure is wonderful! toni xxx

  7. This is so lovely Peg. What a thoughtful thing to do and such a treasure to keep. I'm not surprised you were so active in committees and fund raising departments! I guess you are always going to be a busy, busy person! Best way to be I think! xx

  8. A real treasure. O lovely reward for your hard work.


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