Sunday, October 10, 2010

The scissors were getting cold……





A bit of fabric and a little bit of trim, sew it all together and what do you have….a scissor holder…..Club Quilt day today… will be nice to catch up with the girls and just sit and stitch…I have made a “Chocolate Fruit Slice with Lemon Icing”….I tried a few crumbs, it’s not too bad……LOL……have a great day and I hope you also get some time to sit and stitch….

take care Peg…:>)…

Of all the days that's in the week
I dearly love but one day
And that's the day that comes betwixt
A Saturday and Monday.


  1. OH, the scissor holder is so cute...I love it! The cakes aren't looking too bad either, LOL. Yum!!!
    Hugs coming to you...

  2. The scissor holder would be a lovely gift. I love it when I go to sewing class on a Tuesday night the teacher always as a lovely slice to have with a cuppa. Charmaine

  3. LSlice looks good, Peg, scissor case as well - although it's much colder down here, so maybe a fleecy lining might be better,if the scissors are feeling it, LOL

  4. LOL..your scissors look like they are out Camping in their little Swag..too Cute.Hope you had a Good Day.

  5. MMmmm - I love Sundays too.... lovely scissor swag (as Maree says)

  6. Oh how cute! Now your scissors have their very own sleeping bag! :0)

  7. Love your scissors holder - but oh how I want a piece of that slice! It looks heavenly!

  8. Your scissor holder is delightful and the slice looks delicious. You clever cookie, have a great day.

  9. Mmmm there goes the diet! I'm sitting here eating peaches and yoghurt blog hopping and you have to post a photo of cake drool....Love the scissor keep.
    As usual your work inspires me!! Keep up the lovely work but please,pretty please no more cake photo's lol :) Barb.

  10. Cute scissor holder. The fruit slice looks yummy.

  11. Gorgeous projects Peg. Thinking of you at this time of the month xx

  12. Oh my goodness I love the scissor sleeping bag and it's perfect with pom pom fringe!


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