Friday, October 22, 2010

Me and My Shadow…







Cinderberry Stitches..Natalie Lymer….this little pattern is called “Me and My Shadow”…I have changed this a bit and I have made mine into a sewing pouch not a wallet which is what the pattern was for….I just love Natalie’s stitcheries…

Well I just have to say it…..Friday again….where are the weeks going…enjoy your day…

Take care Peg…..:>)

Alice came to a fork in the road.  "Which road do I take?" she asked.
"Where do you want to go?" responded the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know," Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


  1. So cute! I love Natalie's designs! :0)

  2. It looks great Peg! That's another one I have put away to do! I finished my bluework stitchery panel last night too. :) Ready to for the next round!

  3. Natalie's designs are always lovely - and that one looks great.... I love the quote today..... I think I shall just wander in any direction today!

  4. I love that design. Well done Peg. Great idea for a sewing pouch.

  5. That is so sweet and looks great on the front of the little sewing pouch.
    Enjoy the weekend

  6. That is SO sweet! I love her stitcheries too. Love the quote....

  7. I love your stitchery!! Gorgeous!!!

  8. You do such lovely work Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh those little girls are just the sweetest!!

  10. Very pretty Peg - a friend made this for me for last Christmas - love it.

  11. Natalie Lymer does the cutest little character's full of mischief and sweetness. Gorgeous, Peg.

  12. Peg, We have been out of town for a couple of day and I'm catching up, or trying, LOL. This is just so, so cute. I have really got to get myself a sewing pouch and some needle cases made. I'm still sticking my needles back in the paper they came in. Ugh! Also carrying around a big bag with a bit of stitchery in to work at in the car, at the doctor, etc. Got to get busy. You gals (I think I've told you this before) from Australia, NZ, far over the ocean from me have the most delightful designers and patterns for stitcheries. I just drool all over my keyboard everytime I look at them. (which is a lot, LOL) Thanks for sharing all your lovelys, so much fun to see them all. Hugs...

  13. I love seeing all of your stitcheries. This one is really cute.

  14. Your stitching is always so beautifully done Peg, I have a lot to learn..


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