Saturday, October 9, 2010

just a little ruler cover……





I have used one of the lovely little stitcheries from the Veranda Views  stitcheries designed by the very talented Cheryl – Willowberry Designs….and I have made a ruler cover for a 12.5 inch ruler…..BAS time again so today I am spending some special time with my computer and a heap of book work…….

Hope you all have a fab day…

Club Quilt tomorrow…..the girls have been doing some amazing work, if you have a bit of time please pop over and take a look at all their creations…….

Take Care Peg….:>)

Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.  ~Chinese Proverb



  1. It is such a pretty stitchery, Peg. Cheryl certainly is talented, and your stitching of her designs in beautiful too.
    Bas again? Seems no time since you last did it - time sure flies when you are having fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. A ruler cover. What a good idea. I purchased a yard stick a long time ago that was in a cloth pouch made with cathedral window parts.

  3. Enjoy your computer time... I hope you don't hear that sewing machine calling! ;)

  4. So pretty Peg, and such a good idea - I love that stitchery from Cheryl!

  5. I like the way you say 'just a little ruler cover', Peg! Oh, dear, if only I could wizz them up like that - just lovely!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Very cute! I've seen covers for everything and would have never thought to make a ruler cover. Thanks for a great idea.

  7. Hello, I'm Claudia from Brazil, I'm fallen in love about your blog, I can't stop to see all these beautiful things that you show us. Congratulation! You are very talent.

    I also doing Patchwork and I am love it.

    A hug and have nice day.



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