Sunday, October 17, 2010

A design by Fee…




Among The Gum Trees…..Christmas freebie designed by Fee, I have completed the stitchery, found some Christmas fabric, now I need to just find that bit of time to complete the projects…thanks so much Fee…

Spent the morning doing some book work so I think this afternoon I might relax and spend some time with a needle and thread…

Enjoy your day…take care Peg…:>)

No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned.

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After my post the other day I had four ladies show interest in Stitching Round The Block….after emailing two more friends I now have two lovely groups who are going to join me in this new little venture…….this is going to be so much fun….thank so much for joining in ladies…

Stitching Friends……Peg, Maree, Lynda, Beth

Stitching Friends By Two…Peg, Vic, Fee and Liz


  1. How lovely - that one is on my list to do! You did a beautiful job, love the beads.

  2. You are just so quick Peg. Love it.The beads are a great idea.
    My is still waiting to go onto fabric.

  3. That's such a sweet the baubles, that one's on my to-do list also

  4. Oh Peg I laughed when I saw that you have done this already - spotted this the other and day and wished I would have time to do, so thank for sharing that you have already done. Also Stitching Round - have also joined a few days back and anxiously await the details.

  5. Lovely Tree - all ready with lots of time to spare. gorgeous use of the beads.

  6. You're doing two? Good on you! I think that's awesome that you've got enough people to make up two groups.

  7. You have done a lovely job of my little tree Peg. Have just downloaded Block 1 of the Quilting Round the Block and will make a start on it in the next few days.

    Hugs - Fee X

  8. Peg, that's gorgeous!!! Fee's design is so pretty, and I love the fabrics you are using. :-)


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