Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great idea....

Fiona (Dragonfly) has made these fantastic handbag organizers but I thought they were a great idea to put your sewing bits and pieces in......folds up very neat and it can be taken anywhere.....just love it Fee.
take care.....very overcast today bit of rain last night...lets pray we get some more today....
Peg ... :>) ...


  1. Wonderful Peg!
    Today is last day of weeks of summerlike wheather overhere. Tomorrow will be rainy. I’ll send some your way!

  2. Great idea, glad you can make good use of it with your sewing. So many ideas for them I'm sure. Love your photos of it. I must get more adventurous.

  3. How clever!! Glad that there are some clever ones out here in the world!!
    Love it!

  4. I love the idea! Very nice job on them and the fabrics are beautiful.

  5. I should make one like that, it always takes me a few minutes to find the keys etc. in my purse.

  6. hmmmm, that is a great idea Peg!
    x Sarah


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