Friday, June 20, 2008

Cyber day tomorrow.....

Well tomorrow is "Cyber Stitching Day" and I have been ever so busy organising .... food and treats....for all the loving ladies who are rocking up to my home tomorrow morning....Number three son....twin number number even called around today...he was unable to work because of the weather and he was bored so he had made a slice (now I am so lucky all my boys cook and are very good is a chef) and he thought the ladies would like it...of course I had a little taste...yummo....but I have taken one small photo of the kits sitting on my dining room table..maybe a few more shots later on in the night...


  1. have a great day Peg......wished I could have come and joined you girls but I have the markets........

  2. We will be joining you from Norway, but we are a little later in time.Hanne is comming to me and we will stitch with you frome my house. Have fun.

  3. Sounds great Peg! I will be joining from Holland. What time do I need to start.. with some cappuccino and dark chocolate of course!
    Have fun!

  4. Wow! Peg, the packages look fantastic. Now I'm really excited. Will I be able to sleep tonight?
    I will get everything packed, fuel the car and be there to try all that food.....

  5. Oh I wish I could join you all at the cyberstitching. But I will bee here and stitch and check in to see what you girls do..

    Have a great time girls!

    Marica from Sweden

  6. Wish I could be there, the preparations look fantastic! Have a great day.


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