Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great day at Club Quilt..........

I was running a little behind on my BOM.....Capricorn Quilts, finished this off the other night.....lovely day again in down town Narromine...Club Quilt day had as always we had a most enjoyavle day, great company, yummy food....and yes a little bit of sewing... it was a swap day for our Round Robin quilts and should see what these ladies are doing in these swaps, we all have a little peak, not of our own though....the workmanship is "blow you mind" stuff....I really must congratulate everyone who is participating in this swap, truly you are all so amazing, I do hope you are all so proud of what you are producing....
take care work tomorrow public holiday.....I am so excited......Peg... :>)


  1. can't wait too see your BOM'S-capricorn quilts all together-will be good too see all the diff ones-I know a coupleof girls doing this...and yeah yipee to the public holiday tomorrow eh?
    cheers Vcikie

  2. I have seen this embroidery in other blogs but never the finished one.So this is exciting waitning for some results
    Have a nice public holiday.

  3. The stitcheries I keep seeing on blogs really are intriguing. One of these days I've got to try some of this!
    Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow!


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