Tuesday, May 6, 2008


These are a few photos of Nundle...so pretty...and the lovely Dragonfly was snapping away and took this photo of me and my new best friend
"the dummy"
I have also included a photo of Leanne, Rosalie and our most professional hostess for the weekend Kerry....


  1. Hi Peg. It realy looks nice. From photos it looks out in the countryside with fields like here. isnt it wounderful with all Q-vitamins after a weekend like this!
    keep safe and happy quilting.

  2. Nice Pics Pegs, glad you founds some friends that would talk to you. LOL! That girl was a bit quiet.

  3. Thanks for the reply about the chrissie redwork, not sure how to switch blog to email reply, but my email is mad26anne@yahoo.com.au thanks for your help. Happy stitching

  4. I am caught up now,,,, do ya think I could drive there and join ya.. looks like you had a blast!!!! oh I like your friend too maybe needs a new hair do..

  5. It looks and sounds like you had a ball!!! What projects did you work on?? Cathyx


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