Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A bit more Nundle....

This is my completed Leanne's House quilt and I was thrilled to have my photo taken with Leanne ( Not sure what I was thinking I have a bit of silly look on my face)...Both Dale and I had to go on stage to show off our quilts....I was lucky to have Leanne do a label on the back of my quilt for me....and these are the lovely name tags that Kerry made for all the ladies on the day ( the work Kerry had put into the day was just amazing) .....take care all.... Peg :>)


  1. How fun to have for days go by having Leanne with you and your quilt. If you do scrapbooking of your quilt you realy have a treasure.
    Take care

  2. Love your version of (and Dales) of Leannes House...beautiful!! That quilt was really fun to do...wasn´t it? I loved every step of making it!

  3. What a thrill to have Leanne sign your label ..... and what a gorgeous quilt you made!

  4. How special to have your picture taken with Leeann & your quilt.
    I keep looking at the photo on the stage & seeing how different yours and Dale's are even though they are the same pattern.
    Just beautiful (even your silly look on your face - I think it looks fine)

  5. Lucky you! My friends Sheryl & Liz were also at the Nundle weekend!

  6. fantastic to get your photo taken with Leanne with your version of her quilt........


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