Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bit more of Ruth's Quilt

I need one of those days to sit in front of the telly to finish some stitcheries....I had put my Ruth's Quilt on hold, but it is time to start again, my friend Lynda has completed all her stitcheries I think...(have you finished all the stitcheries Lynda????).... anyway this is another completed two, so that now makes 22 completed, only 13 more to go....keep safe ... Peg...:>)...


  1. Hello Peg
    Jo and I have just been enjoying your blog - its great!
    I want to know how to put the music on....very clever!

    Fantastic win and beautiful fabric!!

    luv u...bye

  2. I had to comment on this post and not the one prior as I could feel my heart racing, sweat dripping, hands trembling....Ohh I love eye candy....!!! My poor heart can't take anymore though. Jo x

  3. I was wondering how Ruth was going? Still plotting along through them. I can't wait to see the finished product. Nundle would have given you some inspiration. It's just a gorgeous quilt.

  4. It´s a good thing with get reminders from everywhere...;D
    That´s a good thing...I think!

  5. Hi Peg

    The stitcheries are finished but it will be a good while before I sew the blocks together - too many other goodies taking up my time. Your blocks are lovely.

  6. That's a pretty little stitchery.
    I keep promising to buy myself that book. One day.....

  7. Love the stitchery - redwork always looks so inviting!

  8. Hi Peg - just come across your blog - I see you are a Leanne Beasley fan too :) I've not long finished my version of Ruths Quilt - renamed Becks Flowers - I have photo's on my blog. I've also just got my first Butterfly Garden BOM pattern from The Stitchery a lovely shop in Dunedin, NZ - I'm going to use chocolates and teals for my version of this quilt - am a little nervous as I haven't done needle-turn before :| Look forward to visiting your blog again soon.
    Hugs J x


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