Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some of the ‘found ones’…


oh dear……should have moved those pegs….



When I first counted the flimsies that I had to complete for “Sew Its Finished” challenge, I thought I was missing some…..and I did find them, so here are three of the ones that I found….

Happy Thursday

take care Peg….. :>)…

It's too big a world to be in competition with everyone.  The only person who I have to be better than is myself.


  1. You are going to be so cozy warm when you finish them all.........

  2. You've got to stop looking LOL.... :) Barb.

  3. LOL - I'm NOT going looking either, Barb :)

  4. These look like lovely BIG quilts Peg. At least you remembered you had more and now you have found them. Your list is growing....

  5. My Goodness Peg !! I love the star one best stars and hexies thats me LOL

  6. Wow Peg you are powering through them. I cant seem to get moving now the girls are back at school. Hope some progress today.

    They all look great

  7. I'm cheating and sending one quilt a month off to the longarm quilter Lol
    My fave is the third one easy and lovely colours! You sure are getting through them, I got some dreaded mending done today does that count:o|

  8. They will be wonderful when you finish, Peg. I love how you girls call them flimsies. That sounds so much better than calling them UFOs. I have a clothes basket full of flimsies along with some backings. I need to get busy. I love that first one with the stars!

  9. lol..... another 3? I still reckon I could slip mine in there somewhere and you wouldn't notice an extra one! ;)

  10. Peg they're gorgeous - my goodness where do you hide them all!!!

  11. How can they be lost???
    Greatings Roos

  12. The are lovely quilt tops Peg. I wonder if you'll find any more.

  13. Hi Peg
    Just catching up on some blog reading....had a few things going on...settled down now.
    Love your flimsies....this must be fun for you - like finding treasure!!
    Take care

  14. wow you sure have a few tops and they are lovely.

    Happy stitching


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