Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And this is Number 7….





I joined “Sew Its Finished”…so I could try and complete some of the quilt tops I had in my cupboards…..this one makes number 7…….it is a good feeling to have them done – so, a big thanks to Wendy and Dawn..…

Happy Tuesday

Take Care Peg…:>)….

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.


  1. You are really on a roll and they are all beautiful , congratulations on yet another finish !!

  2. Very pretty! Luv the soft fabrics! When you sandwich your quilts, do you pin them before you start quilting them? i noticed them layed on the floor in a previous post with the iron on top of them so I wondered if you pinned or used another method to hold the layers together.

  3. Well done on another finish!! I think you're doing a great job getting these quilts done!

  4. If you keep on like this you'll run out of UFOs in no time. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  5. This one is Really Pretty...Well done that Cupboard will be Empty in No Time....

  6. yeh Peg...........whats the fabrics in this one.......older..........I think I have a kit using these fabrics............must pull it out.........

  7. Yay Peg! This is so pretty, so soft and feminine - lovely!

  8. Goodness, Peg; you ARE on a roll. You must feel so satisfied getting all those projects finished. It's interesting to see all the different styles of fabric come out of your cupboard!

  9. Gee Peg, you had better slow down or you are going to have to go shopping and buy some more quilt kits to make!! LOL
    Great job - very pretty.
    I was wondering how you sandwiched your quilts together too???

  10. Another one done ..... good golly, what is your secret!!!


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