Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Friends – New Blogger



My thoughts are with everyone in New Zealand..

…what has happened in Christchurch is ‘devastating”….

“Best Friends” block exchange hosted by Maree….and I am just so lucky to have Maree as my swap partner….and this is my block from Maree….gorgeous, don’t you think.….I think I might have to lift my game….just love it Maree…thank you so much…..this is going to be so much fun…


New blogger…please pop over and say hi to my very special friend Leanne who has just started a blog, Leanne is one amazing talented lady…and I am sure she would love to hear from you…

OPAMers……..I must apologize for taking so long to add your names to my sidebar….please could I ask that you check your name and link..(lots of copy and paste so I may have done a few ‘strange’ things..LOL…) thank you for being so patient…

happy Wednesday

Take care Peg….:>)….

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.


  1. I went over to the new blog! Glad to have a new blogger in our world! :)
    LOVE, love, love your block! I love the blanket stitch!

  2. Love that block! And I am becoming more fond of red (I have an aversion to it as I have to wear it to work everyday - LOL)

  3. How beautiful your gift is. I'm headed to Leanne's blog after I'm done here.

    I checked my name & link on the list and everything appears correct. Thank you for helping to do this.


  4. Oh my gosh Peg, what a beautiful block. It takes my breath away! Now, I'm going to hop over to your friends new blog and say hello, before I sit down to trace more patterns. Hugs...

  5. That block is just lovely....thanks for the post on my blog, looking forward to getting to know fellow bloggers and seeing their creations. I love the quote for the day too - so true.

  6. my link works, thats 1 down, 197 to go :)

  7. Love that block, it looks so good in the red and white...well done! lucky Maree....
    my link works as well, thank-you... now I am off to visit Leanne....

  8. Love that red and white block. I really would jumb, if someone made such a beautiful block for me :-).

  9. What a lovely block I agree.... Love the fabrics and colours.
    Isn't it great that Leanne has joined our "Crazy World" of blogland. We love new recruits. LOL!


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