Sunday, February 20, 2011

It was a good day…….




Club Quilt day……and as always, we did have a lovely day…..I was working on my Club Quilt BOM…Scandinavian Christmas by Lynette Anderson…the girls have made some wonderful progress with their blocks, I will do some posts over the next few days on our Club Quilt Blog of their first blocks..

Today for morning tea I made Double Choc Caramel Slice… very rich but yummy….the recipe is from Kerry Swains first book “Blackberry Jam and Cream”

happy Sunday

take care Peg…:>)…


  1. That project looks like a lot of fun.
    The slice sounds deicious.

  2. oh peg i feel like i need some of that slice now...i'm so sorry i won't be able to participate in opam for the next several weeks...i have broken my arm...i can't believe it...happy sewing to you...and i love that block...dzintra

  3. Such lovely stitching Peg. It was so nice to see how everyone was going today if only for a little while. Missed out on Morning Tea too :( Will catch up again soon. Fee

  4. What times afternoon tea???

    Love the stitchery too.

  5. the stitching project looks like a lot of fun, must be nice to get christmas things done so early in the year.
    Love Lynnelle

  6. Looks great Peg! Love the colours.

  7. It looks like a wonderful day especially with that lovely cake. Charmaine

  8. Absolutely delicious and that slice looks divine too.

  9. Oh Drool Drool Drool that slice looks yummo. You are a tease.
    I love that Scandinavian Christmas quilt. I would like to do it too. Must be a good girl need to get my UFOs done first.

  10. You must all have fun at your stitching days, especially working on a project like that. Your baking always looks so yummy! I will have to get out my copy of that book and maybe have a go at making that slice-I just love caramel.

  11. Peg, the slice looks almost as delicious as your stitching, but not quite, the stitching wins! xx

  12. Oh, temptation... get thee behind me! *lol* That bar cookie looks sooo delicious.... and I love the "reindeer games" project you're working on!


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