Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OPAM wrap up and Can I do it…


OPAM……well done everyone…783 finishes for the month of December…that is awesome…three cheers…..our winners were ….


Teresa C

Ruth W

Please could you contact Kris with your details……

This year has been a truly amazing year….we had a total of 7,193 finishes for 2010….that is mind boggling….Yep, that’s right 7,193 …Kris has done an amazing OPAM wrap up post on her blog..please pop over and have a read….as well as the ladies that Kris had mentioned  in her OPAM  post, donating prizes to our cause….I would also like to say a great big thank you to Maree, Teresa, Alda and Bec..……I was just blown away with the generosity of these gorgeous bloggers…To each and everyone one of the 206 ladies who signed up for OPAM 2010, thank you….you have all been amazing….all the lovely emails that we have received, all your warm wishes…have truly touched our hearts

OPAM 2011

will launch on ...

JANUARY 25, 2011!!!

Mark the day on your calendar to make sure you get in quick to sign up with either Kris or  myself…..because we will once again be limiting the sign-up numbers to 200 participants, so it's first in, best dressed, as they say. Kris’s Beloved DH is working his computer magic, (this man is totally amazing….) finalising a NEW LOGO for 2011. It's so EXCITING!!! We can't WAIT to see who wants to play along with Kris and I again this year ... who'll be a 'Repeat Offender' and who'll be a 'New Recruit'! ……As well as the usual OPAM fun and craziness, Kris and I are planning a few little SURPRISES to spring on you throughout the year, just to keep you on your toes. So ... stay tuned to Kris and My blogs for the next exciting episode in the OPAM 2011 Adventure!!!

Just one more thing…..Kris…what can I say….she is awesome……one of the kindest ladies I have ever come across….When she asked me last year to co-host…I was excited….I really didn’t know what I was in for….but Kris and her darling DH made it all just so simple…and oh so enjoyable…I really am lost for words in describing this remarkable lady….….I raise my glass to you Kris…..you really are one of a kind…….mwah to you and thanks so much for asking ME to be your honoured co-host….and  I  feel very blessed to have you as a friend….IMG_5616



Yesterday I spoke about the challenge I have joined…”Sew It Is Finished”….Hosted by Wendy and Dawn….I have pulled out all (well I think they are all here) completed quilt tops that need to be quilted….I had 16, now I have 15 I did one yesterday, I just need to sew down the bind…..I am hoping to get quite a few of these, I won’t say them all, completed in 2011



This is the first one…..all I need to do is sew down the bind….

Happy Tuesday…back to work today….

Take Care Peg…….:>)….

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.



  1. Hi Peg,
    Wow, you and Kris have done a fabulous job with OPAM!
    Big kisses for both of you.
    Keeping everyone up to date and on the task.

  2. Peg , you and Kris did an amazing job of hosting OPAM and I will be watching and waiting to sign up for 2011 ,I love being a part of this fun event.Thanks so much ! Your quilts are gorgeous and good luck in getting some of them if not all finished this year .

  3. HUGE big thank you to you and Kris for hosting the OPAM .... I'll definitely be signing up again this year :o)!!!
    Big hugs,
    Joy ;o)

  4. I'll not be signing up I', just not that brave I'd never manage it but all the best to those who do. You have some lovely quilt tops there Peg.

  5. I recognise alot of those quilt tops, good luck finishing them this year, I am sure you will be able to achieve it. Oh I am amazed at how many OPAM where finished - well done to everyone who took part.

  6. What a huge year of quilting you are planning! You're off to a great start.

  7. Good for you Peg :) Thanks heaps to you and Kris for the amazing work you have done with OPAM 2010. Certainly made me get on with it too. Will be a repeat offender as long as I get in on time.xx

  8. Thank you sooo much for hosting the OPAM 2010. Hugs Ullis in Sweden

  9. You gals are wonderful for having done the OPAM challenge--those are really great numbers tooo--way to go everyone!!!
    best wishes that in 2011 we can bet 2010 record!!!!
    Hugs, Di and that miss gracie

  10. Good grief that's a lot of finishes!! Congrats to the winners!

    Peg, your quilts are all so gorgeous, you can do it - you got one almost done already! I think you'll be done by, oh, January 23rd. *G*

  11. I know you can do it Peg!!! You are going to have some stunning completed quilts...I see Angels story plus a very pretty pink one with daisies...looks so gorgeous!!!

  12. Hey Peg! Awwwww!! You made me blush!! What a wonderful blogging buddy you are and what a year we've had!! There are just so many clever-clogs stitchers out there and how much fun is it that they play along with us for OPAM and let us share their creative finishes!! Love all those quilt tops, Peg and remember seeing most of them as you've finished them - will be exciting to see them completed. Which means you can then start MORE projects! Tee! Hee! Hee! Big Bear Hugs from your partner-in-crime! KRIS

  13. I would like to thank both Peg and Kris for running the OPAM in 2010.
    I got sooooo many UFO's completed to show in our hanging in October.
    I am looking forward to joining again this year.
    OH!! I was just blown away when I saw my name as a winner this month.
    Thank you,thank you.

  14. We are very lucky to have you and Kris do all the work for us in hosting OPAM 2010... SOOOOOO GLAD you are both taking it on again this year. I enjoyed this challenge so much last year and it was the perfect inspiration for me to finish off a wide range of projects. THANK YOU BOTH xx Can't wait to sign up again :) (Oh and I nearly fell off my chair in excitement when I saw my name as a winner ha ha.. thank you)

  15. Thanks for the wonderful job you and Kris have done with OPAM. It has been such fun. I hope to sign up again for 2011.

  16. And I raise my glass to both you gals for hosting OPAM!!! I have loved every minute of it...Dzintra♥x

  17. Thanks to you for co-hosting the OPAM challenge - I look forward to playing again this year.

    Will look forward to seeing all your finished quilts - Sure you can do it there is a whole 12 months ahead of you - well minus a few days.

    Enjoy this years stitching and sewing goodness.

  18. You and Peg have done an awesome job! Congratulations to all the winners too!! Very exciting!! Can't wait till the OPAM starts up again!! I'm excited about beating my amount from this year!

  19. A big thankyou to Peg and Kris for the OPAM 2010. Looking forward to OPAM 2011. I will also go and look at Wendy and Dawn's 'Sew It Is Finished' challenge...might have to join that one too. I think I have a similar number of flimsy's to what you have Peg...not sure how they pile up so quickly, maybe they are breeding????

  20. Thanks so much for helping organise the OPAM 2010. Look forward to OPAM 2011. I'll certainly be up for it again this year. Now I'm off to join the "Sew It's Finished" that is exactly what I want to acheive this year.... Hoping anyway.


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I do enjoy reading them all...take care, keep safe, happy quilting .. Peg