Thursday, January 20, 2011

More time…





This is one of the sewing bags I have made for Gum Tree Designers  QLD Flood appeal…The stitchery design is Daisy Do by Jen…I still need to make a needle case and pin cushion to match…..

Happy Thursday

Take Care Peg….:>)…

Everybody needs a hug.  It changes your metabolism.


  1. very cute - well done Peg; mine isn't anywhere near this stage - yet!!

  2. Well done Peg. It's really cute. I'm not doing any sewing of that type... never know how long it'd take me to get anything finished! I am joining in on the Quilters Angel quilt drive though. :)

  3. Very nice. I like this applicated flower.

  4. Gorgeous Peg..we're making sewing bags here too but No where as detailed as yours...

  5. Oh Peg how beautiful - love Jenny's designs - this will be most welcome, I'm sure!

  6. Love it Peg.I just posted on my blog about the one my sister made for the flood releif as well :) Barb.

  7. Sure is gorgeous - love those colours, bound to cheer up someone's sewing space.

  8. youve done a beautiful job Peg...I've done the needlecase fob and pincushion but not the I'll do the bag and you can do the rest!!!! LOL
    I love your saying today....I must need more metabolisms shot! rofl
    XXXX Wendy :O)

  9. Peg, It is so adorable. I'm keeping all those areas and folks affected by the terrible flooding in my thoughts and prayers. So much devastation, it's heart breaking. It is so wonderful to read all the blogs that are doing things to help. God Bless...


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