Saturday, January 22, 2011

OPAM 2011……



So…..whaddathink……do ya like it…..our new button for OPAM 2011…….designed by Kris’s very talented GB….please take note, on the bottom of the button as we update our spreadsheet with finishes the total number of completed projects will be updated…..(you are awesome Scott thanks so much)…..

As you can see, since OPAM started in 2009, the hosts being, Kris and May Britt ,(who did a most amazing job, thanks May Britt for making it so easy for me to step in) the total number of finishes since then has been 12,890, which is mind boggling….

You'll also see that we have added a count-down to our sidebar sunder the new logo, (Also done by Kris’s GB) …sign up doesn't start until January 25, Eastern Australian time and some of you were a bit worried you'd miss it, so the time has been set on the countdown for midday ... ……Sign up will begin AFTER Kris and I post on the 25th with the guidelines for OPAM 2011. Please….no sign ups before that, as we won't be adding names until then to keep it fair. Places will again be limited to 200, so first in best dressed…so please keep an eye on our blogs…… both Kris and I are just so excited about OPAM 2011 and we do hope you will join us again….and it would be so nice to see lots of first timers also join in on our 2011 journey…..

Have a fabtabulous Saturday…

Take Care….Peg…..014F96~1[5]

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  1. Love the button for the OPAM.I hope I make it as I'll be at work and wont be home till 4pm at the latest,oh well I'll just do my own private one if I don't get in this time :( Barb.

  2. What a very clever GB!!! I'll be at work too, but my fingers will be on the button straight after work!!!!
    sugary hugs
    X Wendy :O)

  3. Button and timer are great... it was good to meet Kris the other day... it never dawned on me that she was the other half of OPAM...

  4. That is an AMAZING number! And most of them were yours, right? *G*

  5. ooh, I'll have to make sure I'm near the computer on the 25th, so I can be part of the fun.

  6. Who would have thought Kris and I's little challenge would expand to something like this. It is amazing. And I am proud of being a part of it. Look forward to 2011 :)

  7. Hi.
    Great new Button :-)
    I'm so happy you are doing this again. Thanks :-)

  8. Great button! Now I must work out what time it will be here ..

  9. Love the new button the GB designed and looking forward to participating again.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  10. Love the button and the countdown! Can't wait to sign up :)

  11. Amazing achievement in the past! Looks like I will have to bribe if I miss out tomorrow, lol! Remember I sort of lost last year, lol!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  12. This is a lovely button design. I too will be at work and the time difference is not helping me either. I am in the UK so I shall just have to hope I get back i8n time as my daughter also has brownies straight after school too!

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