Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two more………





Friday night I sandwiched together two of the small quilt tops that were in my little stash of 20….and yesterday after doing a few hours work I was able to quilt them, because they were small it didn’t take long at all to stipple them and add a bind…The top quilt has to be one of the oldest ones I had sitting there and the next one at least that was only made last year…

Happy Sunday

Take Care Peg….;>)………..

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.


  1. Like the chenille in them, Peg. Must feel great to be getting these UFOs completed - gives you time to feel good about the new stuff you have waiting in line, LOL

  2. I like the chenille too - makes the quilt extra-cuddly.

  3. Ilike the way you've used the chenille in one of your quilts.A job well done,it's great to see the finished pile growing and the UFO pile shrinking,keep up the great work.My piles starting to shrink too :) Barb.

  4. Go Peg. You are doing so well getting these all completed.
    Good luck with the rest.

  5. It's unamimous! I like the chenille too!
    You go are on a roll!
    Think we will need the AC today!

  6. Beautiful quilts and all done, that must be a good feeling.

    Enjoy your Sunday

  7. I have Chenile on a little floor quilt for baby E..she loves touching it...
    Love that you have used it on Borders...Looks Yummo!
    Have a great Quilt Day Today..

  8. Wow Peg, you have been busy. I am just catching up on what everyone has been up to now I am back home. I got "stranded" in Moree for way longer than anticipated because of the closed roads. You will have your UFOs finished in no time with the way you are going. Good for you.

  9. At this rate Peg you'll be caught up in no time at all! :0)

  10. And that's what sets you apart from the rest of us - you count in two's, lol! Good heavens! Love the chenille on them, Peg, congrats on two more!

  11. It looks great! The fluffy fabric really works! Did it make quilting difficult at all? You have worked hard (again). I have even started finishing things myself! Thanks for the inspiration Peg, KEEP GOING!


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