Sunday, February 22, 2009


National Mourning Day Ceremony was held today.....for all our bushfire victims, the ceremony was televised on was just so moving....several video clips can be seen here.. see here..... Please take a minute and listen to the words of "We Are Australian"
Wonky I started on Lurlines Wonky House Swap...these are just so much fun to make....


  1. Your wonky houses are really cute.

    The video clips were incredible. Listening to "We are Australian" was very very moving.

  2. Wonderful - I love you! Yes, we are Australian and we should be very proud - we are all trying to help in our own little ways at the moment!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Your Wonky Houses look great...must get onto mine! Hope to buy some 1930's fabric at the Quilt Convention on Saturday!

    Dont things like the Memorial Service make you proud to be Australian!! Very Moving!
    Have a great week!!

  4. I was tingling, listening to that.
    It's touching us all here in Canada.
    I love that blue print in the first photo. So happy!

  5. I'd like to live in your neighborhood. Those little house are so cute.

  6. yes the cottages are cute and will be well loved.

  7. What a moving the houses, I know they help someone feel better!

  8. I mourn with you and all our Australian countrymen and women.

  9. Wouldn't you love to live in that neighborhood!?!?:)

  10. Lovely! I am making the Happy Houses also, but for the American gals swap. I adore the pattern, they are so fun to make!
    Yours are very spring-y!!

  11. Thanks Peg for the video. I cried while listening... I love your togetherness, this incredible proud feeling of being Australian that comes through over and over when I hear this song anywhere. I am proud and love being Hungarian, but always thought that if I could not be Hungarian I would love to be Australian. I also lived in London for a while, but never felt that I would love to be English but I sure would choose being Australian in my next life :-)

  12. It is odd. My comments disappear from your blog. I left a comment yesterday and it is gone. I left one just a minute ago and that is also gone.
    Just wanted to thank you for the link to the video clips. I was really touched. It was a beautiful ceremony.


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