Friday, February 6, 2009

This weekend...

It is Friday again....and what a week... have been so busy at work...but that's OK.....
What I would like to do this weekend is, using these fabrics, make a shaggy nappy of the young fellows I work with has just become a you can guess a little boy....
So what does everyone else have planned? a bit of sewing I hope....
The weather forecast for us is extremely hot, so staying inside sounds good.


  1. Beautiful fabrics!

    Some knitting and hopefully some quilting for me!

  2. well, when a girl must stay inside, a girl must sew! simple as that. LOL
    love your fabrics.
    i really want to spend the weekend working on my son's quilt, but the veg patch needs weeding too.
    i reckon the sewing will win though!
    have a great weekend,
    julie :)

  3. Lovely fabrics - can't wait to see the Nappy Bag! Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. What absolutely glorious blues! Maybe this will make you feel cooler -- last night we had wind chills of -30C. Even though we had the heat turned way up, it was chilly in here. Quilts piled on top of the duvet made it bearable. Another good reason to be a quilter. :-)

  5. Beautiful blues!

    I'm off to a conference tomorrow but hope to be back Saturday to do a little stitching myself.

    Happy weekend!

  6. Loving those fabrics Peg. They are absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Lovely blue fabrics. I'm going to be working on a 'secret' project. All will be revealed!

  8. you have been busy , busy.
    I love the blue combinations. Can't wait to see the things you create.

  9. Great fabrics! I am taking a quilting class and can't wait.

  10. Have fun making the baby quilt. The fabrics are so pretty.

  11. Hi there,
    cant wait to see how this ends!!! good fabric choice!!+Beautiful ones!!

  12. Hi Peg
    Still can't get your posts to show in my blog lines so have decided to delete and reinstall you....lets see how we go...
    Love the bag....great idea but Nanna is running out of time with other projects....can't get too
    Far too hot for us Aussies....


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