Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PIF and green glass....

PIF 2009....I actually have 5 ladies this year..... Beth Linda Cathi Terry Andrea (Andrea was looking for another person, so, if you would like to join in please pop over to her blog)...I need to put my thinking cap on to come up with some interesting projects to make for these ladies....
I received a gift the other day from Vanessa...(who has just become a Nanna for the very first time, a grandson how blessed is she)...I received some more gorgeous green glass...have I told you guys ye,t how blessed I am, well I reckon I am just one of the luckiest people to have such special people in my life........Vanessa thank you so much these pieces will be cherished.....


  1. You are spoilt. They will be beautiful additions to your green glass collection.

  2. Lovely gift and addition to your green glass.
    You are going to be busy with 5 of us!!

  3. Lovely glass ware Peg. Now if you have extra ideas can you shoot them my way please. I'm signed up for two lots of PIF and I'm trying to think of new ideas.....

  4. Oh yes you are a lucky girl! Where will you fit it all? Hope it gets well used.

  5. Peg , I picked up the same tray at Vinnies a few weeks ago . It has been on the tea table every night since . Beautiful!
    clares craftroom

  6. Aren't friends great. They are always full of surprises and your glass is lovely. I love to shop in antique stores and I have never seen pieces like that before.


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