Wednesday, February 4, 2009 ya wanna play? ya?...

Wednesday again...hump day.....
I have just completed the last of my 2008 PIF' of course I signed up for this year...
I have joined a 'Pay It Forward' with Marc from Daisy-Jayne .
listed below are the rules....
Three people join in my PIF.
I must send a hand made gift to the 3 people on my list within 365 days.
In turn, the 3 people who have joined my PIF must also host their own and ask for 3 people to join.
They then must send a handmade gift to each of their 3 players within 365 days.
And on and on it goes, spreading the goodness around.
There is no set time to send the gifts, so long as they are sent within 365 days of hosting your PIF.
Please leave me a comment if you'd be interested in playing along with me......
Enjoy your day...


  1. Hi Peg
    I have been looking at these for a while now and I would love to join but I may need to get some help putting the link thing on my blog
    hugs Beth

  2. Sorry,Peg - I would love to play - but, I have 4 to do already! James Blunt is singing to me - lovely!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. I'll be your number 2 Peg. I already have a PIF, but what's another one amongst friends?

  4. I would love to play in your PIF!! I've got one I'm already doing, but would love to do another.

  5. Awe...I'm too late! I wanna play too! :0(

  6. Wow, you got your PIFers easily - Good Girl!
    Hugs - Lurline♥
    OMG - I love your music choice - Hallelujah today!

  7. If you are still looking for someone in your PIF, I would love to try it out myself! Please get in touch!

    Quiltingly Yours


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