Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lots to talk about...

A few weeks back I had an email from Lise, she was after one of our Aussie I wrapped it up and sent it to her, and look what I received in the post from Lise this gorgeous perfect is the saying "Love to Sew".....Lise thank you so very much for this gorgeous was not necessary at all, but I do love it....the photo is not too clear, but I hope to start stitching this in the next day or so..

2009 PIF.....I was lucky enough to get 5 ladies to be apart of my PIF' Andrea was one of these ladies to join she was my number five, I know we are only suppose to have 3, but she was just so excited about doing it, I could not say no I already have has been blogging for a little while...she had made a post about the PIF, but to date she has only had one inquiry, now I was hoping that a couple of you lovely ladies would like to join her PIF...please pop over and say hello to Andrea and maybe, just maybe you could join her PIF...thanks so much...
Update on the fires, they are not all out yet, but the temperatures have dropped a lot, so this is excellent news as this helps with the containment, and they are expecting rain...yippee....I received an email from Robyn this morning she is part of the GHQA...(hexagons) ...pop over to either of the blogs and check out what they are doing for the Victorian Fire victims...fantastic idea...and so darn generous.....
Well I have raved on for long enough....still raining here which is just so good as well.....we have Club Quilt tomorrow, so I am off to make some morning tea...I have this little idea in my head...pastry/caramel fill/chocolate hope they work out.....keep safe....


  1. Gorgeous stitchery. Love the idea of the sanity savers - and would love to take part and add some bits and pieces to the collection. Please send me details of where I can send these to. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the Victorian Fires, it is tummy sickening seeing the devastation and loss that these fires have caused. Hugs Jx

  2. Peg, what a cute stitchery. Is it a Tilda one? I know how Andrea feels about here PIF. I only got one person and so did Kate who I said I would do it with so we decided to just send each other something. People just seem so busy.

  3. I am sooo glad that the fire situation is getting better! :-)

    I too have a PIF, with no participants as yet, so if you know anyone who would like to join, feel free to send them to me :-) It is strange, when I wanted to join a PIF, I was always too late by the time I noticed one, and now I have no-one to join...


  4. Happy you like the Tilda angel Peg. Thanks for helping me out :-)

  5. Hey Peg! Oooooooohh! Isn't it fun to get yummy mail!! That stitchery looks so cute, Peg, can't wait to see it all stitched up and see what you make it into - probably won't have to wait too long, since you're Super Stitcher!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  6. Very pretty love Tilda designs....


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