Friday, November 7, 2008


My post lady came to work today with a parcel...for me.....of course I quickly ripped it open and inside was lots of special goodies... a beautiful Christmas Advent Tree pattern, yummy chocolates and three gorgeous pieces of fabric.. all from the lovely Maree.....I was just blown away...Maree thank you this was just so very thoughtful but not at all necessary, you are a sweetie, I can't wait to eat and stitch....


  1. That is just lovely, Peg and thanks Maree for keeping up the meaning of friendship in Blogland!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  2. Lucky you!!! Nice choccys and I like the look of the pattern!! Cathy

  3. That's just beautiful of Maree. It's so nice being a part of this lovely community of wonderful thoughtful people. Enjoy your goodies Peg. D. :=)

  4. How fun to receive all this in the mail. Lucky you!

  5. The chocolate you got is so delicious.

  6. What a nice surprise.
    How lovely and thoughtful of Maree..
    Enjoy the chockies..
    Hugs Julia

  7. How lucky are you??!! The pattern looks great Peg, look forward to seeing it completed
    x Sarah


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