Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catch Up....

I just love pots.....this is a new plant we have just purchased from our local nursery it is called "Crimson Fantasy"...

I was a little behind with the blocks for "Carpricorn Quilts BOM" so I have tried to do a little catch up this weekend, here is another completed is Sunday afternoon, I do hope you are all having a fab weekend....


  1. The rotary cutter block is too cute!
    Love your new flowers too...

  2. Your Capricorn blocks look good. What fabric are you using for the borders?

  3. Lovely your new pot too...enjoy what is left of the weekend.

  4. The blocks look lovely Peg!
    Crimson Fantasy, wonderful name and plant!
    The pots in my garden are looking sad with the plants that are out of flower.

  5. OMG Peg I am trying to catch up on bloglines and considering you are sooooo busy you have achieved an amazing amount of sewing in the last 10 posts.........go and look at mine.........NONE so you have done an excellent job......and I love it all.........

  6. I love that flower!! Is it only grown in Australia, I have never heard of it? The stitchery is beautiful as usual.

  7. I love pots too. Your little stitcheries are very cute and the fabrics that you're using to frame them...very cute;) Wish I would have gotten in on that one...well done;)

  8. Hello from Canada!
    I think I have visited you before, but not in a long while...
    I see your are also doing Finn's Challenge. You seem to have so much wonderful quilt-works on the go there. I wish I had your drive... 8-)
    I absolutely love that block on your mystery project posted on your Oct 28th post. Gorgeous!!
    Lots of lovely stitcheries here also... wonderful! 8-)
    Have a good day!
    Happy stitchings!

  9. Your stitcheries are, as usual, wonderful! I cannot get over how much you get done -- you must be phenomenally organized!

    Gorgeous potted flower. The colour is so intense!

  10. Gosh Peg I'm so far behind with my blogging friends and look what I've missed out on......
    You have lots of wonderful projects finished. Just amazing. I'm still knee deep in BAS's so no sewing for me.

  11. So nicce them. I which I was living in Austrila now...I love summer.Here it is cold and snow.Seeing summerfloweer mkes me loooong for warmy wheather

  12. You will get a lot of joy out of your Crimson Fantasy, Peg! Lovely stitcheries, too!
    Hugs - Lurline!


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