Thursday, November 6, 2008

Please welcome Lisa...

Guess what, we have a new blogger in our midst.....Lisa....Candle Lite Quilter....she has only been quilting since Jan this year, but she has been a lurker for a while, and she has decided to bite the bullet....please take a minute and pop over and welcome Lisa to this grand land of "blogland" should see Lisa's first
I also finished another Capricorn Quilt BOM block on the weekend, so now I am up to date, sort of just need to do November.


  1. Like the Capricorn blocks very much! How big is each stitchery square?

  2. Hi again Peg,
    Just found your lovely comment thanks on my pincushions :o)
    You made me smile! Thanks.
    The fabrics in the message below are gorgeous!! Totally my 'cup of tea' ...Wow!
    BTW, I'm originally a Dubbo girl ;)
    I love your blog :D

  3. I like very much the 2 quilts of Lisa, tha fabrics are very funny...And you work a lot!!! kisses Peg

  4. Hi Peg,
    Still stitching I see - lovely! I visited Lisa and will try to follow for a while as we all need encouragement when starting a new journey!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  5. Me again Peg...could you tell me please where my blog posts are no reply? Help :p
    Thanks :o)
    I'm popping over to welcome Lisa now.

  6. Another wonderful block, Peg! And some nice greenery in the background! :-)

  7. Lovely blocks...and thanks for introducing us to Lisa. I've popped over and said hello.

  8. must get back to these blocks.........

  9. I am going to pop over to Lisa.

  10. Great stitching! thanks for the link to Lisa's blog I can always use another place to visit.

  11. You are going great guns Peg. They are cute little stitcheries.

  12. That is such a pretty BOM, I didnt get it, I had too much on at the time it started lol
    x Sarah


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