Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cath Be


Cath Ba

Gai P

Well what a fab day we had at our Cyber Stitching day, do hope you have all enjoyed the photos, I had a lot of fun taking them and am having even more fun going back over you can see by all these gorgeous ladies we have a fantastic club in our "Club Quilt".......for them all to rock up today in their outfits just totally blew me away, so my little cybers thank you so much for putting the icing on my cake.....and yes some stitching was done in amongst all the laughing and food.........sorry I didn't flip the photos....big thankyou to Karen at Mrs Martins Quilt Shop...the kits were fantastic...


  1. Lovely projects. Love all the Christmas decorations.

  2. wow,, everyone looks like they are really having a blast . Great stitcheries. I cannot imagine how they were made amongst the laughter.

  3. Dear Peg,

    You are always so creative and fun. I watch each day for you to post. I can't believe you work, garden, AND quilt. I don't know how you turn out so very many quilts. You are amazing.

    Now, my ignorance. I don't know if that is paper or a transparent grid I see. I can't figure that one out.

    Thanks for educating me AGAIN!

  4. I'm sure that the question I am about to ask you is really a dumb one, but I am just beginning my stitching journey so I have been asking a LOT of dumb questions. What is the clear shiny plasticy looking stuff over some of the stitcheries?

  5. Can I ditto Kathleen's question about the shiny stuff...enquirering minds want to know :o)


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