Sunday, April 20, 2008

More blocks...

Well here it is Sunday afternoon again, very busy weekend, didn't get to the sewing machine this weekend but have been able to do a little hand sewing of a night....another two block for Ruth's Quilt....had a few spots of rain earlier this afternoon...but you never know, it is very still and quite warm... keep safe ...


  1. Hey Peg! 2 blocks in one night??!! Way to go!! I love this quilt, I made it a while ago in pandolph's green/burgundy/brown and cream - looked great!!
    x Sarah

  2. Well to see yours finished... I have collected fabrics for this one for a couple of years now...and I do think I got enough...but I´m so way behind...and its so good to see that someones making this beautie!!! your music...Cat Stevens one of my absolute favourites some time ago...;D and a newer favourite...James Blunt...
    Have a nice week...

  3. These stitcheries are so well done. I think this is a big progress during a busy weekend.

  4. Stitching is relaxing after a busy day. I like the fabric you're doing these on. Really enhances the stitchery!

  5. The stitcheries are so cute. You'll have Ruth's quilt done in no time.

  6. Hi Peg your blocks look great, I to am doing this quilt, the stitcheries don't take too long to stitch up do they. I also loved your polks dot girls, I tried to leave a comment on your post, it wouldn't let me for some reason.
    Have a lovely day,



Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I do enjoy reading them all...take care, keep safe, happy quilting .. Peg