Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another great peeper

I have been blown away again....I received an email from Jacquie...she has also used the peeper idea, this is a photo of her quilt that she has sent to me, just love the fabrics Jacquie has used in her quilt. Jacquie has cut her peeper 1.5 inches, which means she had a 1/2 inch peeper ....Jacquie has named her quilt...'Whirlygiggles Quilt'...don't you just love it....thanks so much Jacquie for sharing your fantastic quilt with me....


  1. I had seen Jacqui’s whirlygiggles quilt!
    I used a peeper on my Provence quilt. It really creates an interesting effect!

  2. Very lovely! Wonderful idea!

  3. Another wonderful gesture of sending you their pics as a thank you. They have made the quilts, finished them off nicely. I can feel the warmth.

  4. Fabulous color combo. I Love It! I've already decided to give the peeper technique a try from seeing your wonderful examples. This one spurs me on to want to try it even more so. Thanks for sharing.


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