Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lisa's Quilt....

I received a lovely email from 'Lisa' yesterday, attached to her email she had a photo of her quilt... this is what Lisa said ......
"I just started quilting and have completed my second quilt this evening. I added a "peeper" to this one and love it."
I did a tutorial a few weeks back on adding a 'peeper' and I was so thrilled to see that Lisa had put my tutorial into practice. Lisa should be so very proud of her quilt it is just stunning...and I was blown away that she took the time to send me an email and a photo of her quilt......
ain't blogging grand.... Peg... :>) ...


  1. What a sweet gesture to email and let you know how you helped her.
    Makes me warm and fussy inside so I'm sure it's doing the same for you. It is a beautiful quilt, pattern and colours.

  2. Beautiful Quilt!
    Kind regards

    Beertje Zonn

  3. How very nice of her to send you the pic and an email. She can be proud of her quilt.

  4. Peepers are the coolest idea! Hope I'll have one done soon.

  5. I really like Lisa's quilt. The peeper looks really effective. Well done Lisa and Peg.

  6. Quilting is grand and its so wonderful how we all share our talents and give inspiration and instructions to others. Lisa made a lovely quilt.


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