Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A finish and those “Chooks”…+ H.I.Q. deco’s

Lots of photos……………




I was very happy as to how this bag turned out…

They are at it again……the adventures of “Dale and Peg”…..oh dear!!!!!!…. follow there latest escapades here……LOL…….

(A massive thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone who has participated in the venture of these two, it has touched my heart, these two have been out and about for nearly a year now…)….

Chez is hosting this fun little tour….so here are a few of my Christmas deco’s..



My Dad bought these little Santa’s the year my twins were born, they are a little worse for wear, but they still go up, they are now 28 years old…my Dad passed away over 20 years ago, he would be thrilled to know I still put these up….


The Teddies are wearing my selection of antlers, but I will wear them to work as time gets closer…


My Santa hats….these will also be worn….


The "Dried Noodle Star”…….lost a noodle or two….has a problem standing up, but it comes out every year…Made by number one twin…at preschool…


and of course the decoupage…….number two twin….he still stands by himself…..LOL…

Just a few of my treasures……more tomorrow…..

Happy Tuesday, take care, keep safe




  1. La bolsa te ha quedado muy bonita y todos los adornos preciosos y muy sentimentales,besos

  2. I wonder if Peg and Dale will make it to GDITC or if they're too busy on holidays. Those older decorations are so precious.

  3. Peg & Dale have had some adventures & always fun to read about them. :) Your decorations look wonderful. Hugs,

  4. very pretty bag and love your decorations. Hope Dale and Peg will be having more adventures next year/

  5. It has been fun seeing what those two chooks have got up to....
    I love your decorations... especially the sentimental ones... fantastic...

  6. love that bag Peg,well done and love the decorations that your boys have made,precious memories with those.xx

  7. I love your Decorations Peg and especially your twin Santas...you just can't better the special sentimental ones...and how cute are your teddies. Love them!!!!!
    Very sweet bag too.

  8. Peg and Dale have had quite the adventure... and I've loved every minute of it with them!
    Love all your deco's..the older ones with the memories are the best ones I think. Love the hat and antler display too. Thanks for joining in so I could come over for a visit! :)

  9. Lovely to meet Peg and Dale on Sunday and they seem to be having a great time staying with Maree. Love your bag, it very nice. The decorations have a lot of sentiment behind them. Hugs.....

  10. Love your Bag the Fabrics are Great...all your Sentimentil Ornies are Lovely and will be for many years to com...
    Well Peg & Dale are now on their way too.......and they did get into a little Mischief while they stayed with me so it was Nice to send them on their way yesterday Hope they survive the postal satchel but I'm sure their is enough Hot Air between them till their destination....lol.

  11. What a lovely bag! Those colors are so bright and cheerful! I enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations too! :0)

  12. Great read! A beautiful combination of the old and the new.
    Hugs - Lurline.

  13. What a gorgeous bag, what fabulous colours!
    Thanks for the sentimental journey through your decorations, what brilliants memories there are among them :)

  14. I think part of the magic of Cbristmas is the memories - mainly the good oene of course. I enjoyed meeting the Peg & Dale chooks - I think they will be home for Christmas though!

  15. Love all your decorations Peg and your great sense of fun.

  16. Just love the bag Peg, the fabric is so colourful.

    Last Saturday I found Dale & Peg's cousins in one of the David Jones window displays - they weren't as attractive and had grey feathers, but I must admit I did think of Dale & Peg when I took the pic - have a look at my blog for Sat. 8.12.12.

    What makes Christmas so special is when we bring out items that our loved ones made and also cherished.

    I love reading your blog Peg, it is always full of wonderful things.

  17. Love the bag and the Christmas decorating. How many antlers...you must have a different one for each work day!

  18. Peg the bag is gorgeous, love the cheery fabrics, no wonder you are pleased.
    I have lots of Christmas deco's from when my kids were little too, so cute.
    As for those Chooks, wow they are so POSH, snacking at the cake stand. They bring some great humour to the blogs they feature on, I love the stories and adventures they have... kept them going!!

  19. OMG! What a lovely bag, absolutely charming!


  20. I love your bag !! and all your Christmas decorations !


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