Monday, May 23, 2011

Yoghurt, block from Maree…and my boy

I had been thinking about buying a yoghurt maker for quite a while……and I didn’t realize they were so cheap, under $20…….the first container is boysenberry and the second is natural with some frozen berries…
What I would like to do is use the culture from a natural yoghurt I have already made to make the yoghurt….does any one have any tips for doing this…..what sort of quantities do I need to use?….Can I use skim milk or is it better to use full cream?…… is fresh milk better or can long life be used?…….and what I have read, It seems that I may need to bring the milk up to a certain temp, cool and then add the culture?…….would love to hear from you if you have  any ideas….thanks a lot…
And how gorgeous is this…….Maree is my partner in a block swap that she has organized…..(I know how lucky am I)……and this is another block that Maree has made for me….my quilt is going to be stunning….
I was visiting Lisa’s blog and she had been playing around with these cute borders, so I thought I will check them out…….if you want to have a play go to
This is my boy Ollie……he just loves sleeping like this…..
Happy Monday
Take care Peg….Red rose
A joy shared is a joy doubled.


  1. Sorry I only use easy yo so no help from me love the pic of Ollie :)

  2. Peg , if you go to the Down to Earth blog she has directions for making yogurt , never made it but you could check it out and see if it will work for you . I hope you find the answers .hugs Sheila

  3. That youghurt looks yummy, and your blocks looks great! What a cute dog :o)

  4. I love my yoghurt maker - but never have made any from just culture (I always buy the packets)

    The red and white block is another stunner - cant wait to see all of them together!

  5. Great block. You are lucky! I just checked out your recipe page. I love it! What a great idea!

  6. Can't help with the yoghurt I'm afraid but yours sure looks yummo.... lovely block... and Ollie looks very cute amongst the daisies!

  7. Yum....your kitchen is a busy place, Peg...from roasted nuts to yoghurt....yummy!!...Those blocks of Marees are amazing...makes me more inspired to sink my teeth into the William Morris many blocks make this soon-to-be stunning quilt? (can't help with the yoghurt question...sorry...out of my league altogether

  8. I make my yoghurt in the slow cooker - here is a link on showing you how to do it:

    Maybe the principles will help?
    xx Skip

  9. Peg what a beautiful block from Maree i love the colours and how cute is ollie.

  10. Hi Peg - I have had an electric yoghurt maker for years and these days I use natural yoghurt I've made for the culture with fresh skim milk. Haven't tried it with long-life milk. The yoghurt is terrific for yoghurt ice cream too.

  11. i have a yogurt maker (same one) when i first bought it many years ago, my friend and i used to make the yogurt from a previous batch, but can't for the life of me remember how we did it....

    i would love to do it again....

    love your block!!!

    looks like your Ollie and my Cooper would make great mates....

  12. ooooh I love homemade yoghurt. We ususally use the easiyo natural low fat yoghurt sachet to get us going, we go thru so much yoghurt and like to use skim milk. If you do use the previous culture then you need about 1/2 -3/4c of a cup to get your next culture going and you really need to use full milk... which is why we don't do this. Otherwise you end up with runny yoghurt (or thick milk.. which is great for smoothies).
    You can also make a great spread from your yoghurt... use the whole cutlure once you have made the yoghurt - put it all in a muslin cloth (or net curtaining if no muslin available) and hang over a container - I have a very high tap so usually hang from this over a bowl sitting in the sink overnight. This extracts all the whey, and then all you do is add some fresh herbs (chives, basil etc) and spread over your favourite cracker - fabulous, great for you and tastes wonderful... and so jolly easy to do!

  13. I've always bought the packets to use so it has ben interesting to read some of the other comments. It amazes me how dogs can sleep the way they do at times, your Ollie looks so peaceful as he is

  14. Beautiful and yummy things but Ollie steals the show...what a cutie-pie.

  15. What a lovely swap block you have recieved. I love the red beautiful block.
    Your Ollie looks sooo cute.
    Have fun making youghurt. I did that years ago, so I am sure lots have happend since then.

  16. I don't have any yoghurt tips, but I do believe easy-yo has a natural yoghurt you can get for the maker. I definately want one, I know a few people have them now and say how easy it is, and we go through a lot of yoghurt (the good stuff is so expensive to buy, would be good to make our own!)

  17. yes I too love these yoghurt makes - love the plain one and add my own flavouring - apricot nectar and wheatgerm is very yummy


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