Monday, May 9, 2011

RAK and a slice…..




I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers day and was totally spoilt….

RAK….these are the goodies that I made ..the first one was sent of to Shez…and the second one went to Kyliejean

Another slice for the boys at work….Caramel Coconut Slice (Pegs Version) if you would like the recipe it can be found under my recipe tab…


Happy Monday……

Take Care Peg……Island with a palm tree

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.


  1. Such beautiful gifts Peg, you keep out-doing yourself. The slice sounds yum!

  2. Such wonderful gifts,i know that the 1st one has gone to a loving home,lol,and your 2nd one is absolutely gorgeous as well.You are such an inspiration Peg,well done.

  3. What I'm wondering is how well that coconut caramel slice ships? I mean, well, do you think it would be in crumbs by the time it got to Texas? LOL I guess it might be easier just to copy down your recipe and try it myself. Drats! In other news....both of your RAKS are awesome and I know your recipients are tickled pink (I like pink!). Have a great week, Peg! *waving across the pond*

  4. Okay Peg...this new-to-blogging girl needs the long version of RAK (????) I guess it's a swap of some sort? I love the table topper....still got "Bliss" on the list when I next see a fabric shop....Caramel Coconut Slice!!!!! I was trying to diet, but I need to take something to our local Biggest morning Tea on Thursday...this might be it...thanks heaps..

  5. Beautiful gifts and yum another of your wonderful slices. I just love them.

  6. Everything looks Fab .... going to make the slice on the weekend

  7. I have to clean the drool off my screen..... :)

  8. Beautiful RAK gifts.... I am sure the girls were thrilled when they got them!


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