Saturday, May 7, 2011

RAK….from Shez….






R.A.K……that is what I have received from the lovely Shez……I have been admiring these bags and scarves on Shez’s blog for ages…..and now I have my very own gorgeous set…

You must agree, I am just so very lucky….and the icing on my cake was the “Old Gold Chocolate Bunnies”…and yes the second one is missing his head…LOL….

Shez thank you so much…I was having a bad day yesterday and your parcel did brighten my day….great big mwah to you…

and I really must thank Maree for organizing the  RAK for 2011…

P.S…..Mandy UK…asked what I used to transfer my patterns onto my fabric with…..I use a green (and only green) fine artline felt pen…….I usually buy them at my local newsagency…….the pen just rinses out in warm water with a little bit of soap power (I use a stain soaker)…..…..Thanks Mandy

Happy Saturday…

Take Care Peg….Red rose

"To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope,

which can inspire a human being."


  1. What a lovely set.....the scarf looks so soft & fluffy!!

  2. they are very nice love the scarf very pritty. I use the green artline felt pen all the time now they soak out well.

  3. So very pretty! What a lovely thing to do!

  4. What a Gorgeous Set...Love the Colour...
    Nice to see this swap is paying off with some Lovely Gifties...
    HMD for Tomorrow...I'm sure you will get spoilt....

  5. Glad you like them Peg and this swap has been so much fun,thankyou for chosing me as your RAK( still cant believe what you sent me ) big hugs and hope you have a lovely mothers day tomorrow

  6. lovely goodies from Shaz.... I love how you display them too! Thanks for the tip about the pens... I'm going to try that..

  7. Love the colour of your bag & scarf. Bright & happyfor winter. Yummy choc! Tracee xx

  8. thats so sweet to get a RAK, I also use the green pen now Jeanette put me on to them and I love them cheaper than the ones I was using too


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