Thursday, May 19, 2011

So hard to resist…..



Another new project…for ages I have been admiring the ‘My Garden” quilt by Lynette Anderson….and the gorgeous Tess has supplied me with this beautiful kit… nice is the fabric, I was hoping to start this last week on our retreat, but a few other projects got in the way……LOL

I will draw the winner of my giveaway tomorrow (Friday) ….I have been blown away with all the lovely comments, they are all very much appreciated….so thank you ….

And look what else is calling….how good would it be to make one of these…… check this one out…….over at Red Brolly……

Happy Thursday

Take Care Peg Rainbow

Ideas can no more flow backward than can a river. 


  1. I can understand why you couldn't resist Peg!!!!....beautiful fabric!
    We had Bronwyn at a workshop last year and she had a sucky puff race....hilarious and lots of fun! Would be great (and easy) to do in front of the tv at night!
    I'm sure we'll see that Garden finished in no time!!! LOL
    XXX sugary hugs sweety
    Wendy :O)

  2. LOVE this kit, Peg!! Is this Lynette Anderson fabric too? I can't wait to see it finished!!
    Take care!

  3. Gorgeous fabric Peg - no wonder it was so hard to resist! Im tempted but am restraining myself! LOL - dont know for how long!

  4. So glad you were able to get a kit, the stitcheries are so cute and you should have it done in a couple of days :)

  5. I Can't Blame You they are Gorgeous Fabrics..Looking Forward to seeing this one come together...

  6. Temptation is everywhere isn't it! It is lovely, and I have seen some gorgeous finishes of this quilt. I'm being tempted by the new Christmas one by Lynette, it's also lovely. Enjoy this new project!

  7. beautiful fabric Peg i can understand how this was irresitable lol,and i also like the quilt at red brolly.
    Have a awesome day Peg

  8. What a lovely kit you have now- I have had a look at Red Brolly and the quilt looks great though I might have to put something like that on the backburner for a while as I try to finish some of my other projects. I like your saying today- there is so much creativity flowing along through the blogs that we can't help but be inspired and want to do more!

  9. Your kit is gorgeous Peg. I'm making My Garden too but I'm using Rural Jardin. I love Lynette's designs and she is such a lovely person too.

  10. This will look gorgeous Peg, and with your speedy stitchin I can see you finishing it in no time at all,cheers Vickie

  11. Yah congrats on your new project..
    I must say I have the same bug ;-)

  12. Wow. That is beautiful!!! Heading over to check out the other project that you want to do.

  13. I have eyed this one off for a while too, Peg....and Tess has done a grand job choosing fabrics....I am really tempted....This looks like a one-retreat finish for speedy Peg!!! lol

  14. Hey Peg! Oh yeah ... I know what you mean about not being able to resist ... there are just so many fun and pretty projects and I want to make them ALL ... I think that's why I end up being better at 'starting' than 'finishing'! Tee! Hee! Hee! Can't wait to see how this cute projects comes up - enjoy your stitching - Bear Hugs! KRIS


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