Sunday, December 5, 2010

Progress shot on the water…







The water is still rising…if you look back you can see the water at our Park (yesterday), which is on the river, these photos were taken this morning…and you can see how much it has risen…...the bottom photo where the dirt is, this shows the top of the levy bank……..

take care …Peg…


  1. Did you make it to Club Quilt Today...hope it doesn't Peak for the Town...
    take care

  2. slowly very slowly going down at the house here but rising at another property.........

  3. Hope you are on higher ground Peg????

  4. Not good Peg.....Just heard the road between us has been closed at Rawsonville!Stay safe....

  5. Goodness me Peg, I hope you've got webbed feet.

  6. Hey Peg! Wow! Weird to see the part so far underwater ... having driven through your lovely little town a time or two when we lived in Bourke. Hope you've got the wellies ready just in case ... hope that levee bank has been kept in good order, cos we don't want you to be washed away! Take care - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Oh dear, praying for you to be safe, Peg!


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