Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OPAM – A Finish – Advent Swap



Another retreat finish…..journal cover, I have used a chocolate osnaburg on this one…..




Aunty Al…

More Fat Quarter Birthday prezzies for me…….………

…..OPAMers please let us know about your finishes and if you could update your side bar, that would make our blog hopping so easy……(thanks a lot)…..

Wahoo just opened my first ADVENT Swap gift from Fee and I have received the most gorgeous Christmas Ornie…will do a post and show you tomorrow..

Happy Wednesday

Take Care Peg…..:>)…

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.



  1. another lovely journal......
    I have 2 finishes for November but can't show them.........maybe I should save them for December......

    love all the fat 1/4's you got for your birthday.......

  2. I love your latest version of the journal cover. Haven't you been spoilt with the lovely selection of fat quuarters. I bet the brain is ticking over as to what to create with them.

  3. Yeah, go the Osnaberg, it's a fabulous under-rated fabric. I've just got my stitchery girls into using it. Love the covers you have been making lately.

  4. Lovely journal cover Peg, and lovely gifts!

  5. Happy birthday for Monday Peg - glad the retreat was fun - would have been like a big birthday party ! and so many pressies.

  6. Love your journal cover. I've never worked with osnaburg before. How do you like it? Does it hold up well?

  7. The pics look great...I love the colours of your journal :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  8. What a lovely journal cover you have made. Every time when I see yours, I think by myself, that I should start making some ....
    Late but from the heart :-) - happy birthday dear Peg. You have got some beautiful FQs.
    Happy quilting,

  9. 6 finishes this month. Not quite so good, October was better. Hopefully the Christmas holidays will enalbe more sewing chances. This year has gone quickly, but this OPAM has enabled me to keep a record of what I have made. Lovely table runner, I really would like to have a go at one some day.

  10. Lovely purse you have made.

    WOW - I forgot to tell about my finished for december. 5 pairs of potholders - one wea sold before picture, 3 wine-cats and one green charityquilt

  11. Всем привет, Просто Блеск

  12. привет, ..редко.. можно сказать, это исключение :)

  13. Discovered your posting definitely when it wasreally needed. Thanks to you. It's already been really valuable


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