Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lots and lots……

 OPAM ...

(or for the uninitiated ... One Project A Month ...)

will be happening again in 2011!!

Lots of you OPAMers have been asking Kris and I whether OPAM will be running again next year, so I thought I'd let you know that it WILL be ... but we'll be starting a little later than the last two years. I will be joining  my gorgeous partner in crime Kris again to co-host OPAM 2011 ... we've had so much fun this year, that we both wanted to spin the wheel again and we are hoping you will join us…

Kris and I will both be letting you know more about the guidelines etc for OPAM 2011 in the New Year, but I just wanted to say YES it's happening ... BUT (there's always a "But" isn't there! :0) This is only a small "But"!!) sign up won't be opened until towards the END of January 2011. PLEASE STAY TUNED ... for more details in the New Year.

Lots of photos in this post………….




SSCS…above are the goodies I made for my partner May Kristen…. thanks so much for another awesome swap Chooky….





Above are the gifts I had made for Sandy (no blog) in a Christmas swap we had…..I also made a wall hanging but I think I forgot to take a photo of that one…. 




Soap holder and washer…..perfect to take on my retreats


 Shawl….so cuddly and warm…


Doily….just beautiful….


Pillow Cases….these have pillows in them and are on our spare bed…

IMG_5599 Scarf…just love the cable on this..


Fingerless gloves….bring on the cold…….LOL…

I have this gorgeous online friend Sandy (no blog)…we have been chatting for ages……above are all the amazing goodies that Sandy made for me Christmas … spoilt was I…..just love them all thanks so much Sandy….mwah ……

Happy Wednesday…..back to work today….

Take care Peg….:>)….

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are



  1. a beautiful parcel sent for the SSCS..........
    and so many other goodies in this post too..........beautiful

    ENJOY a break from is a big job I know that others wouldn't realise so enjoy the break and get reinspired for 2011.........

  2. Enjoy the OPAM break! You and Kris have done an awesome job this year! Looking forward to joining in again next year. If anything - it's made me take a note of how much sewing time I actually do get!

  3. Love all your gawjus gifties .... just beautiful!!!
    Thanks so much for running the OPAM with Kris again ... I always find I make more of an effort to finish things if I'm writing them on my sidebar. Thanks for the gentle push, it's just what I need :o).
    Joy :o)

  4. I really love the embroidery work. Very charming!

  5. Great gifts Peg - you lucky girl. xxx

  6. Just got to join the list and tell you how wonderful you and Kris both are for taking on OPAM!!!'s been fun and a good check to take stock on how much 'me time' we give ourselves!!!!
    Love your goodies and wishing you the bestest New year ever Peg......may your bobbins always be full in 2011!
    big sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) XXX

  7. what superb gifts! I love that doily with your name on it and your knitted scarf. You make such beautiful gifts for others it is lovely that you recieve ones made with the same love and care.

  8. Lots of lovelies again, Peg. You and Kris deserve a break after all the work that goes into OPAM. I'm very grateful to you both for all the encouragement to get things done this year. I looked at the list of finished items and couldn't believe what I have achieved, so thanks heaps. Mwah... to you both xx

  9. Such lovely pressies you sent out... and received.... I will be keeping an eye out for OPAM - I only started blogging this year so I will be a first timer on that.... enjoy a short relax time!!

  10. all beautiful - sent and received. you do lovely work Peg.

  11. Lots of beautiful gifts Peg.

    Would love to join OPAM again next week (lol), will ckeck out your post for the sign up date.
    Thank you for running it with Kris all year.

  12. You do such beautiful work Peg, love everything you made - and what lovely gifts you got, love the scarf and fingerless mitts!

  13. Beautiful Peg...I'm so glad to hear about the OPAM..I have always wanted to join one...Can't wait...
    Hugs Michelle

  14. Lots of wonderful gifts Peg. It is amazing how many people have these 'golden hands'.
    Thank you so much for organizing the OPAM this year. It must have been a lot of work. Splendid you are willing to do it again next year!

  15. I cannot imagine how many hours sleep you must get each week. How do you find the time to not only produce such lovely things, and still find time to blog and organise OPAM - one outstanding lady Peg!!

  16. Wow...lovely gifts Peg!!!
    I have posted my final OPAM for 2010...thank you so much to you and Kris for organizing this...It certainly inspired me to finish at least one item a a BIG thank you to you both...Hugs, Dzintra♥x

  17. Beautiful items you got and made. I am very happy that you host the OPAM again next year. Thank you for all the work you did this year.

  18. Thank you again Peg, for your very generous gift! I feel so spoilt!
    Lots of other eye candies in this post, Peg. Thank you for sharing!
    May Kristin


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