Saturday, December 11, 2010




Blessings………well I am sure I have told you all how very blessed I am….more birthday gifts for me, this time from my wonderful partner in crime…OPAM….Kris… know, this blogging is really quite amazing, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Kris in person, but it does seem like I have known her  forever…..and I am not sure if it is the same for you, but there are so many of my blogging friends that I feel the same way about….Kris, I love my gifts thank you so very very much…the little button will be added to a mug rug that I am going to make for myself…well, you know what will happen to the chocolates……and the blessing hanger will be hung in my home for everyone to see….mwah Kris….


I have also received my SSCS prezzies……and I am just so lucky to have Rose Marie as my SS…..Rose Marie and I have chatted for the past 3 years, so she is again, another of those very special bloggers….this is my Christmas Ornie, hand made by Rose Marie…… gorgeous is it….huge big hug to you Rose Marie….xxxx

And the river has dropped, which is so good….we know it will rise again from all the rain we had the other day, but now there is room for it …once again thanks for all your kind words and wishes over the past couple of weeks….

Well …Happy Saturday

Take care Peg…:>)….

Friendship is a sheltering tree. 

(I am off to have a special lunch with the most amazing trees)……..


  1. is sure is amazing how we make friendships all around the world and never get to met but feel like we have........
    pleased yo hear your water went down a bit...........the mozzies are huge.......

  2. Love what Kris made you Peg. That little Blessings sign is so cute. Also love your hand made ornie from Rose Marie.. it's lovely.. what is it made out of? It's so perfect in it's detail! Hope you're getting drier there xx

  3. What amazes me is that this is people we would never be blessed to know. I love your gifts. Happy Birthday!!

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  5. It really is amazing the friends you make blogging. Especially the ones willing to part with boxes of!!! Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. How lovely, and chocolates too!!! Yes you are certainly blessed. And a blessing, too! Love the ornament from Rose Marie as well, can't believe she made that, so cute!

    Peg, I'm so relieved to hear the river has dropped. That is very, very good news!

  7. You sure have some lovely blogger friends to bestow these beautiful gifts on you.
    That snowman is truly precious.

    Hope your water level stays down.

  8. That is so beautiful, through internet you make friends all over the world.

  9. What gorgeous parcels you've been the snowman decoration...

  10. It is an amazing thing to have such good friends around the world... one day we might all be able to organise a meet up!!

  11. Hey Peg! You're so very welcome ... hope you enjoy your gifties as much as I've enjoyed becoming your friend! :0) Oh ... and Maree and I are working on that meeting in person bit, too ... stay tuned! Tee! Hee! Hee! Big Bear Hugs! KRIS

  12. Know what you mean about Blogness..Gorgeous Giftie from Kris..


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