Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010..Hello 2011……







The Advent Swap hosted by Fee (which was just so awesome swap)…....I was very privileged to have Fee as my partner….these are a few things I made for Fee…..I decided to have a bit of a theme happening so I used the same fabric…12A371~1

OPAMers last day for 2010…can you squeeze in another finish?…of course you can…….

Happy In Quilting can proudly say she has had 140 finishes for 2010….Wahoo….


Well here it is … is time to say goodbye to 2010…where did this year go….

Thanks so much for popping by…always love that you call by for a little visit…


So to all my gorgeous followers and lurkers……12A6DD~1

Happy New Year…..have a fabulous 2011…

Take care and keep safe………… Peg…:>)…….

A year to be glad in.
And not to be sad in.
To gain in, to give in.
A happy new year.
A new year for trying.
And never for sighing.
A new year to live in.
Oh, hold it most dear.


  1. i have blogged min now. 41 all together this year

  2. Oh my you have been a busy gal. I wish for you all the happiness for 2011 and my you have fun creating more projects. I always love seeing your great work. Happy New Year.

  3. They are Gorgeous Peg love the Brighter Fabrics...
    Great Job on all Your Finishes this year...Very Inspiring.
    Happy New Year to You and am Looking forward to seeing what 2011 Brings.....

  4. Your table runner is so beautiful :)

    Thanks for hosting OPAM 2010. I have one finish for today and that makes a total of 52 finishes this year. I am so happy and I will joine next years OPAM too.

    Happy new year to you :)

  5. Happy New Year Peg!
    May it be all you wish for and more...
    cheers Julz

  6. 140????? Wowsers Peg. I think you've put everyone to shame!

    I got 56 things finished off this year!

  7. My list of finishes pale in comparison with yours, but I had fun! Thanks Peg for all the work that goes on behind the scenes! And yep I squeezed in two more finishes just in time!

  8. You've spurred me on all year, Peg and all other OPAMers. My total is 106 since January this year. Can't believe how prolific I have been. Definitely in for 2011! xxxxxxxx

  9. Oh Peg what gorgeous gifts for Fee - truly wonderful! You should be proud to say 140 finishes, wow, good for you - I wonder how many you'll have in 2011??? Happy New Year to you!

  10. I am busy catching up on my blogging today Peg. Gosh you have received some beautiful gifts BUT you have also given some amazing gifts!
    I have enjoyed catching up.....Happy New Year!

  11. I was just checking these out on Fee's blog. They are beautiful Peg. Love the fabrics you use.

    Well done on your number of finishes for the year.

    Happy New Year to you and your Family. Will catch you again in the New Year.

  12. Thank you for hosting OPAM! I've been finishing but I've been terrible about keeping up with the list on my sidebar. These finishes are beautiful! I love the table runner. Happy 2011!

  13. Hi--I know I was a bad girl and did not let you know of my total each month--but I just went back and counted and I did at least 90 finishes for 2010!!! that makes me feel better as today I have been counting ufo's for the last 3 years--and that has been ouchy!!!
    Thanks for hosting the OPAM and may you have a great year in 2011.
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  14. I really like your table runner. Is this a pattern?

  15. The table runner is gorgeous.

    140 finishes - do you sew in your sleep? Fantastic.

    Thanks for keeping me on track - I'll be back next year to play along again.

    I'll update my total later as I have some sewing time today and plan on a finish or two.

    May 2011 be a happy and healthy one for you and your family.

  16. so so pretty! love the fabrics; especially the owls. Happy New Year Peg!

  17. Lovely blog-post to finish 2010!!

    And thanks sooooo much for organizing the OPAM, great way for to finish UFOs:-)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you from me.

  18. As always Peg - I am in awe of your productivity! Happy New Year to you my friend.....!

  19. Peg, You are amazing person. Hope to meet you one day. You have always got things on the go and such a motivator. Thanks for sharing your crafty things with us all. Look forward to your blog for 2011

    Cheers Kez

  20. Have a wonderful night tonight and Ill see you 2011.

  21. Happy New Year Peg! Always love to vistit your blog and see the many things you make!! See you in 2011

  22. Have a very Happy New Year Peg. I love the table runner you made for Fee. She will love it. I have just posted my last few finishes for the year. A total of 48 small things for the year, but I'm happy with that. Thanks to you and Kris for all your work keeping us motivated.

  23. A wonderful swap gift Peg, I loved the flowers.. Happy new Year to you too ;-))

  24. OMG there is no stopping you..............140 projects is mind blowing........well done Peg........


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