Wednesday, December 8, 2010

more this and that…




These have all been sent in the post and are going…..???????


More gorgeous goodies from Fee …lavender bag, mini notes, and the thread is just lovely..


and even more…it really is so much fun waking each morning knowing you have a little prezzie to open….IMG_5345

And even another birthday gift thanks Abbe I just love the fabric…



Some little coasters I have made using the free design given to us my the very talented Judith….co cute thanks Judith…

The water is still rising….very close to the top of the levy, rain is predicted today, I pray that they are wrong with the amounts…..anyone who is in a similar situation to what we are at the moment, you are in my thoughts …..keep safe….

Happy Wednesday

Take Care Peg….:>)…

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!


  1. Hi Peg, this swap really does look fun. I'll be thinking of you today with the weather forecast as it is. Hope you keep dry.

  2. What lovely gifts Peg, I hope they are wrong with that weather,

  3. As always, you've made such lovely things, Peg. Fingers crossed that the weather isn't as dire as expected.

  4. I get excited when I see presents. December is my wedding anniversary (20 years), birthday, Christmas and my son's birthday. Nearly finished the top part of my quilt hopefully today and will put photo up on Thursday. Have to buy batting and hoping to have finished by Christmas for my son so we can take away to the beach. Thanks for popping by. Charmaine

  5. Lots going out and lots coming in..... looks like Santa's workshop!

  6. Hi Peg...You got such beautiful gifts..I love this time of the year as not only is it Chritsmas but my birthday as well...I get to make lots of exciting gifts and recieve too... Merry Christmas to you and your Family..
    P.S Drop by my blog..Would love to see you there.. :-)

  7. love the getting pressies every day till christmas swap - by the way, are you going to do OPAM next year as well - if you are I need to get on the list (missed out this year)

    thanks leanne

  8. Billie is the greatest =D

  9. Lovely, lovely gifts Peg - I really like the design from Judith, I wish I was faster at stitching! Please stay dry dear one, I am praying for you all.

  10. Hi Peg
    Lots of lovely gifts and boy you and Hazel have been very busy!
    Hope & pray the rain expectedis not as bad as they are saying :(
    Take care

  11. such pretty little coasters,
    enjoy your pressies

  12. Your swap looks like so much fun. I agree that starting the day with presents is a great way to start.

    I hope the levies are holding for you.

  13. Hi There Peg my sweet.....I've been away for a month and cannot believe the crafting that you've got done in that time...want to come and work for me???? Love the soft work you've done with my little design.
    Seasons Greetings
    and 'Lotsa Love' from Judith


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I do enjoy reading them all...take care, keep safe, happy quilting .. Peg